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Since childhood the Christmas Jumping has been on our agenda: first as a spectator, later as a participant and now as a supplier. The contact with the organization is based on years of trust which makes the event particularly close to our hearts. And, barely 10 kilometers from our door, a true home match. The Nekkerhal hosts not only top athletes of absolute world class, but also breeders, young promises and passionate amateurs. Our own highlight is invariably the FEI Jumping World Cup.

The question

World Cup worthy

We are asked to supply obstacle material for 2 arenas, as well as warm-up material for 2 jumping arenas, 2 pole trailers and 2 flat trailers. In addition, we supply accessories such as spoons, flags, numbers, water bowls, start/finish, etc.

For the main arena, the organization can count on some loyal partners and their personalized obstacles. Top Jumps complements with oxers, a wall, double and/or triple jump.

For the 2nd arena we provide a complete course.

This also for your event?

The solution

Balance brings harmony

Before the start of the event, we provide the course builders with a detailed overview of the equipment that will be provided. We unburden our customer by immediately delivering the obstacles in the right place, divided by arena.

The main arena in Mechelen is rather narrow, so we select uprights of 80 or 65 cm wide and always opt for poles of 300 cm. Both on the TV screen and in the tribune you want to create space and avoid a maze effect.

In the color palette we take into account the personalized obstacles that in Mechelen are mainly blue (KBC, Zangersheide, Longines, Poels…) and black (BMW, SX…). We bring variation, looking on the one hand to the Christmas atmosphere and the typical accompanying colors such as red, green and gold. On the other hand, we venture equally into a-typical color combinations.

Our ultimate goal is always to use high-quality material to create a sporting challenge for the riders, while also satisfying the visual aspect.

We have been collaborating with Top Jumps for several years and are extremely pleased with the quality of their jumps and the level of service we experience each year.

The jumps are beautifully crafted and elevate our event to a higher standard. The Top Jumps team is professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and takes the time to understand our needs. Through discussions, they provide the requested quantities and the desired aesthetics. Agreements regarding deliveries and pickups are consistently honored, and everything is neatly packaged, EVEN prepared for each individual arena. We can only highly recommend Top Jumps to anyone in need of an impressive course. Their products and service are truly top-notch!

Gunter Van Lent
Chairman Jumping Mechelen, Belgium



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