An investment with returns.

Both for KC Sporthorses and KC Stallions, branding is a priority. In this era, it’s essential to actively develop a marketing strategy and stand out from the rest.

The question

Branding both at competitions and at home.

Branding holds significance at the Cox-Skollerud residence. At various competitions across Europe, Karel wants to have a jump in the arena. However, uniformity is also important at home. It looks sleek in all videos and exudes class in the arena.

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The solution

Jumps in all sizes.

For competitions, a budget-friendly standard with a single board that slides into an aluminum frame is chosen. These are 100 cm wide to ensure the logo stands out.

The standards kept for home use are intentionally slightly lower and narrower. This allows for easy indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, they are lightweight and easily manageable for daily use.

Karel Cox
CEO Karel Cox Horses, Belgium



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