A never ending story

The Dutch Masters in ‘s Hertogenbosch is one of the four Major Tournaments of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. It’s every show jumper’s aim to win, write history and claim the bonus on top of the prize money.

If a rider manages to win three consecutive Grands Prix he will receive an extra bonus of one million euro, if he wins all four he will win as much as two million euro. There is also a €500,000 bonus available to the rider who wins two Grand Prix in a row. If a rider wins two of the four majors he will receive a bonus of €250,000. It is possible to claim the bonus riding different horses and the system it is not limited to a calendar year.

The infrastructure of the hosting shows must meet the highest standards and strive for top-class quality in all areas to be able to join the ranks of most prestigious event in equestrian history.

After supplying JIM Maastricht for several years, the question came whether they could work with us for the Rolex Grand Slam at The Dutch Masters… and you guessed the answer… ;-)

The question

Brainteaser …

For the crown jewel of equestrian, the aim is extremely high on all levels. Sports Director and former director of CHIO Aken Frank Kemperman requires everything to look first class and so we too push our limits in putting together obstacle material that meets all expectations.

For a course designer as Louis Konickx the lead up to a show can be demanding as he is looking to build an interesting course … Taking different aspects into account, such as the size of the arena, will allow him to add lots of challenges, different distances and tough lines. Riders are to be precise in their rhythm, speed and power.

A brainteaser we are more than happy to support with adequate material.

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The solution

On time!

As we have been working with Frank, Louis and Bas Verhoeven for several years and we got to know them better. All fine people with whom communication and trust are good. Few words are needed to have everything run smoothly.

Beforehand, the obstacle list is discussed with the course designer and with the organizer. This is followed by the logistics part. Everything neatly on time so that no one has any unnecessary stress and can focus on their core business.

Innovative designs, well made, easy to handle, close consultation and always on time; that is Top Jumps signature!

Louis Konickx
International Course Designer



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