Sponsor fences

Top Jumps supports companies in designing eye-catching obstacles within the available budget. We offer comprehensive guidance, ensuring maximum brand exposure, and provide complete support with our logistical and maintenance services.

Balancing between appearance and budget

Our designers have a wide range of options to optimize the visibility of your brand while considering your budget.

The obstacles come in four forms, from training wings with personalized elements to competition standards with one or more wooden plates in or on an aluminum frame. Even 3D is possible. This variety means that there is a suitable option for every budget. Regardless of the chosen model, we guarantee a striking brand appearance and consistent high quality for all our products.

All-in service

Our commercial team takes care of all the worries when it comes to creating and managing your obstacle. We offer an all-in service, supporting you from design to execution and beyond.

This means we guide you in designing for optimal visibility within your budget and communicate directly with organizers about technical specifications.

Additionally, we take care of transportation, storage, and restoration of your obstacle. Your obstacle remains in pristine condition, ready for the next event.

Sturdiness and grip

Our standards are built with aluminum profiles and waterproof hardwood boards. The aluminum profiles are fully welded (instead of spot welded) all around, providing more stability. Moreover, they are rounded for a better grip. The aluminum is sandblasted and coated, ensuring better color adhesion.

The feet and base plates of the standards are reinforced with thicker aluminum, reducing the risk of dents (e.g., from falling beams). The feet are finished with PVC noses, and PVC caps are provided on top of the aluminum profiles.

Quality and durability

Our beams are made of laminated wood, eliminating the risk of drying cracks.

They are oven-dried to reduce warping. Underneath the colors, determined based on your logo, lies one layer of primer and two layers of paint.

Each beam is manually painted to maintain precise control over the coverage. The paint is an elastic water-based acrylic topcoat that protects the wood from weather conditions (sun and rain) and is water-repellent.

4 options, 1 quality

Enhance your brand visibility with our four types of sponsor obstacles. From a simple training standard with personalized elements to a custom-made 3D obstacle – we have the perfect option for every need and budget. One constant factor: unparalleled quality.


Training wing with personalized base plates, plank, or gate

The standards measure 60 cm wide by 160 cm high, unlike competition standards, which are 80 to 100 cm wide and 175 cm high.

STRAIGHT starting from 1,500 euros excluding VAT (logo included)

OXER starting from 2,100 euros excluding VAT (logo included)


Competition: single wooden plate IN an aluminum frame

The standards measure 80, 100, or 125 cm wide by 175 cm high. The waterproof hardwood board is inserted IN the aluminum frame.

STRAIGHT starting from 2,100 euros excluding VAT (logo included)

OXER starting from 3,100 euros excluding VAT (logo included)

Competition Deluxe

Competition: double wooden plate ON an aluminum frame

The standards measure 80, 100, or 125 cm wide by 175 cm high. The waterproof hardwood boards are attached ON the aluminum frame.

STRAIGHT starting from 2,700 euros excluding VAT (logo included)

OXER starting from 4,500 euros excluding VAT (logo included)


Competition: 3D or other (not always based on an aluminum frame)

Prices vary depending on the design and are available upon request. These obstacles are usually heavier and less easy to stack for transport.

Prices start from 3,500 euros excluding VAT (logo included)

Download our information brochure for an overview of the options and to view some examples.

    Our creations


    AlGhazzawi (SA)
    Competition Deluxe
    Kentucky Horsewear
    MaJa.Auction (DE)
    De Sutter Naturally

    Maximum brand visibility

    Make your brand stand out with our customized obstacles. Every detail is designed to maximize brand visibility for optimal impact and recognition.

    Suitable for every budget

    We offer solutions for all budgets, from training standards to custom-made 3D obstacles. Each model offers excellent value for money and ensures maximum brand exposure.

    Complete peace of mind with our top-notch service

    From initial design to final realization, we guide you through every step. We also take care of logistics, including transportation, storage, and restoration, providing a seamless and worry-free service.

    High-quality product, Made in Belgium

    All our obstacles are carefully produced in Belgium. We combine craftsmanship with the finest materials to create products that are not only beautiful and durable but also safe for horses and riders.

    A beautiful obstacle for your brand.

    Together, we create the best appearance. Contact us and let us guide you with our expertise.