A home for happy horses

Bourne Hill Stables is an elite level private equestrian centre in Horsham, West Sussex and home to international show jumper Jane Annett and her partner Roland Standley (director of Apex Car Rental UK).

Following a major redevelopment of their grounds in 2017 they have since one of the UK’s most exclusive equestrian show jumping arenas. And they wanted nothing less for the obstacles to be shown in both the sand and grass arena.

A collaboration between Bourne Hill Stables and its suppliers led to a series of personalized jumps, completed with competition wings and all accessories required for a full course.

De vraag

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

Over the years Top-jumps and Bourne Hill Stables have kept in touch which resulted in a solid connection between a loyal customer and a producer that will go the extra mile.

Early 2024 Jane and Roland were looking to upgrade their course material. The last one being passionate about motorsports, more particularly Formula 1, and Star Wars challenged their house groom to come up with some exquisite “out of the box” designs. On top of that, he had some very specific ideas for 3D jumps, such as traffic lights, the Smurfs, etc.

Additionally they were looking to buy training material to resell to show jumping friends, based in the UK.

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De oplossing

If you can dream it, we can build it.

At Top-Jumps we are always eager to see a 3D computer design come to live in our production warehouse. So our team was extra motivated to start producing these challenging beauties. Needless to say everyone was very exited seeing them displayed on the holy grounds of Bourne Hill Stables.

We are more than happy to have spent countless hours on these eye catchers and we have felt challenged to the limit in creating unique pole design matching them.

New sponsors (like Aston Martin and Coppard) and loyal sponsors (like Apex Car Rental and The Billy Stud) have also contributed this time. For them, we created a new obstacle which, together with the others, forms a beautiful whole.

For the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Bourne Hill will be the host for training sessions for the UAE team (with William Funnel as Chef d’equipe).

We have always found Liesbeth and her Team very professional and easy to deal with.

When their Jumps turn up I simply am amazed by the quality of their workmanship, especially in making an idea come true.

What was the deciding factor for me to go and re order our new  Jumps was the condition our previous ones were in, they were in amazing condition, almost like new. We knew he had found an amazing Jump supplier whose product really did stand the test of time.

Roland Standley