Discover our extensive rental options for obstacles and accessories. Whether you want to rent a complete course or individual obstacles, we offer flexible solutions for your event. Impress with high-quality equipment and enjoy a smooth and reliable service.

What are the possibilities?

At Top Jumps, we offer flexible rental options that meet your needs. You can rely on us for the rental of complete and spacious courses, including accessories (such as cups, flags, number sets, start/finish, etc.), warm-up equipment, and carts for poles and standards. This allows you to modify courses flexibly during your event. Additionally, we also offer the option to rent individual obstacles.

Whether you need a complete course or just a few obstacles, we are ready to provide you with quality equipment for your event.

How do we proceed?


Drafting the rental list

During a conversation with the organizer, we often have carte blanche to draft an initial rental list based on the location and the organization’s preferences.


Consultation with course designer

Subsequently, there will be consultation with the course designer to align the dimensions of the track, desired jumping level, and ground conditions with the obstacles.


Finalizing details

Finally, the last details are finalized, taking into account potential sponsors and their design to ensure sufficient visibility in the arena.

What about transportation?

We ensure that the transportation of your obstacle equipment is smooth and efficient. We deliver with an external transport company at an agreed place and time.  You unload the equipment yourself and collect everything back at one place after the event.

Afterward, we take care of stacking and loading all materials ourselves. This prevents damages and ensures accurate inventory. You can fully concentrate on the success of your event.

What happens to the materials afterward?

After the rental, all our materials are carefully cleaned and, if necessary, updated, so they always remain in “Grand Prix” condition. By offering our rental obstacles as second-hand items, there is a constant rotation, allowing us to regularly introduce new options.

Be sure to visit our second-hand section to see which materials are available for sale.

Wide range

We offer a wide range of rental obstacles, ranging from complete courses to individual obstacles, including accessories, warm-up equipment, and transport carts.

Quality and variety

Our rental obstacles are carefully maintained, regularly updated, and offer constant innovation. You can rely on high-quality materials and a varied selection.

Professional service

We have extensive experience in obstacle rentals and are ready to guide you in making the right choices. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth handling and hassle-free delivery.


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Together we put together a varied course, in consultation with the course builders and with attention to your sponsors.